Red Bike Medicine

Red Bike Medicine is a Concierge Medical practice, in the Napa Valley, that provides personalized primary care internal medicine services to their patients.

Their services are delivered by combining the science of medicine with the art of healing.

Upon establishing his new solo practice, Red Bike Medicine’s founder and leading physician, Dr. Sweigert, partnered with RBA to help turn his space into the practice that he had dreamed of. The remodel included the planning and design of the reception area, waiting room, exam rooms and back of house functions. The desire was to create a sleek, modern look that translated the serene, holistic approach to healthcare that Red Bike Medicine employs. The RBA team utilized a palette of organic materials including natural stone and 3Form, Varia with a lush palm leaf and bamboo thatch motif to achieve the client’s vision. The end result, in Dr. Sweigert’s words, is a “Well designed and special office for my staff and I to work in.”