Sorenson & Sorenson MDs

Sorenson & Sorenson MDs is a family owned ophthalmology practice that has operated in the same location for 40 years, providing comprehensive and personalized eye-care to Bay Area residents.

The practice was founded by Dr. Lionel Sorenson, but has since expanded to include his sons, Dr. Robert Sorenson and Dr. Andrew Sorenson, and his granddaughter, Dr. Rebecca Sorenson Janik.

It was a pleasure to get to know their family and to understand the needs of their practice, truly building a friendship in the process. The space had significant need for a refresh and expansion, but it was important to the Sorenson’s that the new design retained elements of the practice’s decades long hostory. We re-designed the space for better patient flow and added a fully remodeled optical shop, while incorporating a neutral palette to complement the existing artwork that was created by family members and collected by the Sorenson’s throughout travel. The result was an elegant and modern space that we hope will serve Sorenson & Sorenson MDs for generations to come!